Day 3: A day to step out of one’s comfort zone

In light of Wednesday’s bio-poems…


Safe, true, supportive;

Friend to many, family to all

Open to new ideology, new conversations and diversity

Seeking revelation, accepting vulnerability, allowing emotion

Fearful of intolerance and exclusion

Whose campers sing, dance and share themselves,

Where cliques are to be dissolved and slurs eliminated,

Whittier, California, the hearts of all,


Wednesday was a day of self-reflection. The theme: Empowering the Individual.

After a day of workshops on the Iranian-American identity and meaningful discussions in counselor groups, campers were given the opportunity to practice self-expression through writing and poetry.

The night ended, once again, with song, as campers returned to the campfire for a night of performance. Counselors and staff organized a sing-along and campers were encouraged to share their poems, short stories and raps.

Messages of acceptance and tolerance were met with cheers and emotion. Campers overcame nerves, and displayed their hidden talents.

To an even stronger community.

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One Response to Day 3: A day to step out of one’s comfort zone

  1. Mani Farhadi says:

    Thank you Ayandeh for enriching the lives of these Iranian teenagers and providing us parents with glimpses into their experience with you. This poem creatively and beautifully expresses all that is special about Ayandeh.

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