Goodbye Ayandeh

July 13th was the last full day of Camp Ayandeh 2017.

The morning began with the Red Shirt versus Campers vasati championships. With some team work and motivation, it seems the red shirts remain undefeated! Later in the afternoon, the campers had a Civic Engagement activity where they collaborated and practiced their leadership skills. We had a guest workshop by former camper and counselor Rodd Farhadi where the campers made videos on a societal issue and later presented them at the evening ceremony. The final workshops of the evening were age based workshops on skills such as time management and college readiness.

We had the chance to interview two of our graduating Ayandeh campers who have been a part of the IAAB family from the first year of Camp Javan in 2012, Navid Bajoghli and Nadia Maher. Navid told us the following:

I recommend Camp Javan and Ayandeh because it is an experience campers take to heart and they will learn more about their Iranian/American community identity. Campers will learn to embrace who they are as a person and will make close bonds with people in 10 days on a level that can take years for others to achieve back at home.

To hear their thoughts, click below:

In the evening, we had our Camp Ayandeh ceremony where each group announced their campers’ superlatives. We also honored and celebrated our graduating Ayandeh campers. The evening was filled with our final jam session, including a special performance of the unofficial “camp song” Age Ye Ruz or اگه یه روز, and a dance party that went into the night.

After an eventful final night, the next morning our campers departed to the airport and were picked up from Whittier. Although camp 2017 is over, we can’t wait to see everyone in the ayandeh!

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