We, the multicultural youth, immigrants, and children of immigrants, reject all walls and bans. We reject any attempts to divide us and pit us against each other. We will not accept any divisions based on nationality, faith, skin color, national origin, sexuality, gender, physical ability, or any other attempts to separate us. We are the future of this country and refuse to be silenced or derailed from claiming our right to envision a better future for all of us. #BannedLives 

How does the proposed ban impact you and your family? Please share your stories. 

Many Americans don't know about the immediate and negative impact these Executive Orders will have on our communities. By sharing our stories, we hope to galvanize support and give context to the wave of hateful Executive Orders targeting America's most diverse communities. 

Why? Because we're people, humans, and not political footballs. Our stories are one of the best ways we have to connect with people who may not understand what these Executive Orders mean. 

How will your story be used? We'll share these stories with groups that want to stand in solidarity our communities, and we'll publish them so that others can understand what the impact of these Executive Orders can look like. We'll only share your story and your first name - we won't ask for your last name or any other identifying information about you. 

Please complete the form below. In the form we ask for your email address in case a group, individual or media outlet would like to learn more about your story. We'd like to be able to contact you and seek your permission to put you in touch with them; however, if you opt not to share it, we will respect your right to privacy. We will not share your contact details with anyone without your permission. 

Please share your story and help spread the word about #BannedLives - let's tackle the hate we're facing with our humanity, our love for our families, and each other.