“My daughter had to read Not Without My Daughter in middle school. She came home crying because her classmates ridiculed her for being Iranian.”

-Parent of 15 year old Iranian American

Young Iranian Americans grapple with questions of identity and inclusivity every day in school as they face an increasing level of discrimination. IAAB encourages parents and students to access and take control of their narratives, to learn their histories, and to affirm their transcultural identities.  

IAAB supports students' rights to learn about and participate in their own histories, and to access culturally respectful and affirming educational spaces. IAAB recognizes the need to help young people develop social analysis, leadership, and solidarity within and across communities - hallmarks of a meaningful education.  

Iranian parents and students can take action on a local level to help shape their school district’s curriculum focusing on the Middle East. Through IAAB’s OURstory campaign, members will address their local school districts’ shortcomings regarding teaching about the Middle East.

To learn more about and/or join IAAB’s OURstory campaign, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..