This page provides basic information about things to consider as an existing leader in order to build a healthy and sustainable student group. Other sections in the Student Hub provide more in-depth information that will help you with all aspects of running a group.

Find New Group Leaders

If you are starting your second year of group leadership, it is important to the sustainability of your group that you start to identify and develop a new leader who can take your place. Changing leaders doesn’t mean that you have to leave the group, but stepping back can be healthy for your group in the long run. It can prevent you from burning out, and it can also expand the group’s abilities by allowing you to take on other group leadership roles, which helps support the leader by lessening their workload.

Evaluation: Take Stock Annually

There is no set time of the year that every group must do an annual evaluation. Many groups, particularly student groups, hold an evaluation meeting in the spring as they slow down or wrap up for the summer. This allows a group to have plans and new leaders in place for the fall. Starting the fall with a September evaluation meeting can help jumpstart your planning and recruitment process. Either way, make sure you take stock of your group annually – look at your past year’s accomplishments and challenges, and think about what you want or need to do differently during the next year.

Group Structure and Leadership Development
  • Doing an evaluation provides a key opportunity to consider the leadership roles within the group. All the core group leaders should check in together. Identify other potential leaders in the group and discuss ways they are being developed through delegation of tasks and increased involvement in activities. If you don’t have one already, make a plan to recruit, identify and develop new leaders.
  • If you’re working to find a new leader to take your place, make sure you keep records and develop systems for running the group that you can pass on to the next leader.
  • If you and your group are experienced, delve deeper into other leadership resources in the Student Hub and in your community/at your school to help grow, strengthen and develop your group.
Recruitment, New Member Orientation and Group Meetings

As your group comes together it should work to recruit new members, orient them to your group and activities, hold events, and run meetings on a regular basis. Use the resources in the Student Hub to help you with each of these things. If members of you community group are just getting back together after a summer off, or if school is just starting in the fall or after winter break, consider planning some events to which you can recruit members. As you attract a new group of recruits, make sure they participate in a new member orientation and are encouraged to join in with the ongoing group activities and actions.

Upcoming Events

Check out other online events calendars to find out about upcoming events in your region or area. Contact groups at neighboring schools – are there events that you can support by attending that will be helpful for your group? Other events can be inspiring and informative – they may also lead your members to act on ideas for events.