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Welcome to Camp Ayandeh! Camp Ayandeh is IAAB's celebrated high school leadership camp held annually in the United States. The majority of Camp Ayandeh participants are Iranian American, though the Ayandeh community includes counselors and campers from other countries and communities.  


IAAB is no longer accepting applications for Camp Ayandeh in 2017.

Who: Camp Ayandeh is open to all current high schoolers (9th-12th Grade during the 2016-2017 school year). Please note that current 8th graders should apply to Camp Javan.

Where: outside Los Angeles, California

When: Camp Ayandeh will be held July 6th through 14th.

Tuition Fee: Camp fees, which include room, board, all meals and snacks, and transportation between the camp and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) total $1,600.

Application details: We are no longer accepting applications for Camp Ayandeh 2017, however, you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in joining the waiting list. Each year we accept campers from the waiting list as some campers drop out due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. 

Camp Ayandeh, through a positive and inclusive environment, allows campers to develop leadership skills, foster strong friendships, and gain a deeper understanding of culture and identity as the youth of the Iranian diaspora community. Camp Ayandeh accomplishes this mission through community building activities, cultural, historical and artistic workshops, and critical discussions, assisting campers in responding to the issues they see affecting young people within the Iranian American community.

Campers and counselors alike leave with a stronger sense of self and responsibility for others, lifelong friendships, and the necessary skills to lead both within and outside of the Iranian diaspora community. The Iranian diaspora community is diverse and vibrant, a characteristic that Camp Ayandeh represents, embraces, and celebrates. 

Camp Ayandeh first began in 2006 on Thompson Island outside Boston with its inaugural class of 19 Iranian-American high school students. Since 2006, it's grown to include a record number of campers and staff from more than 40 states, five countries and three continents, making it what many refer to as a life-changing experience. 

As a non-political and non-religious camp, Camp Ayandeh is open to all aspiring young leaders. The Camp Ayandeh community is extremely diverse and comprised of youth who have differing backgrounds. While some campers speak Fluent Persian, others may have a limited background in the language. Language, just like identity, is personal and Camp Ayandeh is a space for youth to explore their identity in a safe and supportive environment. As such, fluency in Persian is not necessary to participate in Camp Ayandeh. 

Our campers are change-makers and inspiring leaders who are active members in their local communities. Camp Ayandeh empowers young leaders to be more informed about themselves and the world. 

For more information on Camp Ayandeh, please make sure to the Camp Ayandeh FAQ and visit the IAAB blog, as well as IAAB's YouTube Channel and Facebook page for videos and photos of Camp Ayandeh.

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