Summer Leadership Institute

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  • When is Camp 2017?
    Camp Ayandeh will be held July 6th through July 14th and Camp Javan will be held July 6th through July 11th. 
  • Where is the 2017 Camp located?
    Camp Ayandeh 2017 will be held outside of Los Angeles, CA. 

  • Why are there two sessions? Can I apply to both sessions? 
    In response to the outstanding number of applications we receive each year, IAAB began offering two camp sessions in 2016 to meet the growing demand. However, in 2017 we will be intentionally keeping both camps small to focus on the family-like atmosphere and close bonds. 
  • What time should campers arrive and depart?
    Campers should plan to arrive before the bus departure time they selected on their application. On the last day of camp there will be a ceremony for campers and we encourage parents to join!
  • How can I register?
    Camper Applications are now closed, however, you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in joining the waiting list. Each year we accept campers from the waiting list as some campers drop out due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. considered on a rolling basis. 
  • Who will supervise the campers?
    In addition to the host location's professional staff, campers will be under the direct super­vision of IAAB and Camp Staff. Camp Staff consists of active volunteers drawn from IAAB Staff, returning counselors or new counselors, who are selected through a rigorous application process.
  • What is the cost of camp?
    Camp fees, including room, board, all meals and snacks, inclusion in all activities during the week of camp, as well as transportation between Camp Ayandeh and the airport, total $1,600. All applicants (unless applying for a scholarship) are required to submit a $200 non-refundable deposit with their Camp Ayandeh application, applied toward their total camp fees. Applicants who do not include this deposit at the time the application is submitted cannot be considered.
  • What does my tuition cover?
    Camp location comprises 80% of the camp budget. Our goal is to ensure that all interested students and families will be able to partake in this experience. As such, Camp Ayandeh continuously aims to keep costs affordable for families. We will continue to offer as many scholarships as we can and we will work with individual students to make sure they can make it to Camp Ayandeh.
  • Are tuition stipends available?
    IAAB offers a number of need-based and merit-based tuition stipends, which require a separate application. The deadline for tuition stipend applications was February 15th.
  • Will I be able to contact my child/parent during the camp?
    Although campers will not be allowed to use cell phones during the day, phone use is permitted in the evening before lights out. Parents can contact IAAB Staff at any time.
  • How are the sleeping quarters arranged?
    Campers, counselors, and IAAB Staff will reside in dormitories. Sleeping arrangements will be divided based upon sex and all campers will be under the direct supervision of staff of the same sex. Campers do not have access to the dormitory floors of the opposite sex.
  • Are meals provided?
    IAAB will be responsible for all meals and snacks throughout the entire duration of Camp Ayandeh. Campers will receive three meals a day prepared by the culinary staff and periodic snacks. Campers with specific dietary restrictions will be accommodated. Please do not send any food with your camper unless previously approved with the IAAB Staff. Energy drinks will be confiscated.
  • Will transportation be provided?
    Campers will be responsible for transportation to LAX airport. IAAB will provide transportation between LAX and camp by bus if campers specify on the application which of our bus departure times they prefer. We cannot arrange bus transportation between LAX and Camp Ayandeh if campers have not specified in advance on the camper application. Campers living locally may be dropped off at Camp Ayandeh by a parent or caregiver.
  • What is the camp’s security policy?
    IAAB’s educational programs have an immaculate record with regard to camper safety. IAAB Staff takes extra measures to ensure that campers are safe while under the care and supervision of IAAB at Camp Ayandeh. Campers are under direct supervi­sion at all times, and are never alone during camp. All campers reside in single-sex dorm rooms, which are supervised by night-duty staffers and in-residence staff on each dorm floor. Only IAAB, Camp Staff and members of Camp Ayandeh have access to these facilities. Additionally, Security routinely patrols campus buildings and is present on campus 24-hours everyday. Campers are only allowed off-campus in an emergency situation and only when accompanied by an IAAB or Camp Staff member.
  • What does "Ayandeh" mean?
    Ayandeh means “future” in Persian and the name “Camp Ayandeh” speaks to the mission of the camp to create a strong and dedicated future for the Iranian diaspora: Camp Ayandeh, through a positive and inclusive environment, allows campers to develop leadership skills, foster strong friendships, and gain a deeper understanding of culture and identity as the youth of the Iranian diaspora. The Iranian-American community is diverse and vibrant, a characteristic that Camp Ayandeh represents, embraces, and celebrates. Campers leave with a stronger sense of self, lifelong friendships, and the necessary skills to lead both within and outside of the Iranian diaspora community.
  • How will Camp Ayandeh’s curriculum be different from previous years?
    It is IAAB’s goal to ensure that campers return to Camp Ayandeh each year to learn new skills and gain fresh experiences. We aim to reflect, build and grow after every year and develop a unique curriculum that responds to current issues within our community as they arise. Camper responses in the application as well as prior survey responses from both campers and parents help guide the curriculum as well.
  • Is Camp Ayandeh open to campers and counselors from outside the United States?
    Yes. Camp Ayandeh is open to everyone. IAAB is invested in bringing together a diverse group of participants and encourages all interested applicants from around the world to apply for Camp Ayandeh. Although the program is conducted in English, campers, IAAB and Camp Staff will support campers whose primary language is not English. Camp Ayandeh has included campers from France, Germany, Turkey and Iran in the past.
  • What if I submit my application but don’t include a deposit? What if I’m applying for a tuition stipend?
    Applicants who do not include a $200 non-refundable deposit at the time the application is submitted will not be considered. If you are applying for a tuition stipend, please do not include a deposit upon submitting both your camper and tuition stipend applications. Your tuition stipend application will be considered on a rolling basis so you should hear back within 2-3 weeks regarding your stipend application.

  • What should my child wear during camp?
    Our Camp Staff sends a comprehensive packing list for campers which parents and campers can expect to receive via email the month before camp. Please keep in mind the temperature in southern California can get very hot and a typical day is very sunny. Campers should be prepared to wear sunscreen and dress comfortably for warm temperatures.
  • Are counselors trained?
    Our counselors are trained before camp during our comprehensive, 4 day training session. Counselors are carefully vetted and the competitive application process for counselors ensures that campers are in great hands with our counselors and staff.
  • How many counselors are there?
    We expect approximately 30 members on our Camp Staff for Camp Ayandeh 2017.
  • How are counselor groups organized?
    Campers and counselors are all paired together into tight-knit groups based on their age, interests, and strengths. Each member of a group is carefully chosen so that camp can continue to be a safe, exciting experience where campers can continue to grow each year.
  • What happens at camp?
    So much! You can view videos from past years on our YouTube channel for a quick overview of each day of Camp.
  • How many campers are there?
    Prior to holding two sessions, we had 160 campers. We are keeping the camps much smaller as part of the multi-camp model. We will be accepting approximately 80 campers. 
  • My child will need to take prescription medication. Who should I talk to and who is responsible for giving my child medicine?
    IAAB’s full-time staff will discuss your child’s medical prescription and other needs as noted on the camper’s application, with your child’s counselor prior to camp. Your child’s counselor will ensure that your child’s medication needs are met while at Camp. During Camp, you can contact our Camp Staff with any concerns or questions..
  • Is my child allowed to ask for over-the-counter medicine for headaches, stomachaches and other pains?
    If absolutely necessary, campers can have access to certain over-the-counter medicine. Counselors will always refer to the camper’s application to reference specific medical needs, dietary restrictions, and other special information. Counselors will also notify parents/guardians before giving the any camper medication not listed on the camper’s application. Please let us know if you would prefer otherwise for your child.
  • My child has food allergies. Who should be notified?
    You can reach out to our Camp Staff who will ensure that all of your child’s allergy and dietary needs are met while at Camp.
  • We live in the area. Can I drop off and pick up my child?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can my child be roommates with their friend? Can my child be placed in the same camp session as their friend?
    Part of what makes Camp Ayandeh such a life-changing opportunity for youth is the long lasting connections they build with other campers! We strive to place campers with roommates and counselor group members who they have yet to build strong friendships with so that all campers have the opportunity to make new friends.
  • I’m used to talking to my child every day. How often can I speak with them while they are at Camp?
    Campers cannot use their cell phones during the day but are permitted access to their mobile devices every evening, when you can contact them. You can contact IAAB Staff at any time.
  • This is the first time my child is attending an overnight camp. How will you handle homesickness or anxiety?
    Our counselors and Camp Staff are trained to make campers feel comfortable and are prepared to handle any homesickness or anxiety.
  • How much money should my child bring with them?
    Your child won’t need any money while at Camp as all food and beverage is accounted for in Camp Tuition.
  • Who are the emergency contacts during Camp?
    Camp Staff will reach out via email before Camp and will provide packing lists, emergency contacts and any details you may need.

  • My child can no longer attend Camp. Will their tuition be refunded?
    Unfortunately, all tuition is non-refundable due to the costs of planning and our ongoing efforts to personalize and tailor the camp experience to the needs of each individual attending. We will not make any exceptions to our refund policy and view your final payment as a commitment to attending the program. Last minute cancellations are disruptive to the community since we customize and match roommates, mentor/mentees, counselor groups, and theme halls.  
  • Will there be a first aid kit?
    Camp Staff will have a full first aid kit available to counselors and Camp Staff for the entirety of Camp Ayandeh. Counselors will also have access to bug sprays and sunscreen for campers. It is essential that campers pack a reusable water bottle. We cannot provide them with a water bottle once Camp begins.
  • Are counselor groups separated by sex?
    While dormitories are separated by sex, counselor groups are not.
  • What is the ratio of campers to counselors?
    The ratio of Javan campers to counselors, due to the smaller size of Camp Javan, is 1:4. The ratio of Javan Campers to counselors is 1:4 to accommodate the smaller camp group. Ayandeh campers and counselors have a 1:5 ratio.
  • What is Camp Ayandeh’s philosophy?
    Camp Ayandeh and Javan are inspired by IAAB’s Educational Philosophy. Read our philosophy here.