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IAAB is pleased to support and serve as the U.S. non-profit sponsor of FunFarsi Games, the first apps for learning Farsi for children (3-6 years old) in the diaspora. Fun Farsi Games, based in the United Kingdom, is created by Leyla Pope, award-winning filmmaker, and Marina Roel, animator and graphic designer. They now need the help of the Iranian diaspora community to make these apps a reality!

Says creator, Leyla Pope: "The inspiration behind this project, to make educational digital games and apps to promote Farsi and Iranian culture, came about when I first began to look for apps in Farsi that my three-year old daughter could play with on my iPhone and iPad. I have always wanted my daughter to have a foundation in Farsi even if she lives outside of Iran because I want her to be able to speak to her grandparents and feel at ease in Farsi speaking situations. As I was the only person in our family speaking Farsi to her at home I thought some colorful games would help her see that Farsi is fun and that others speak it too."

Fun Farsi Games is now looking to raise the money to pay for developers to program the games, each game costs about $5,000 to make. They have already raised most of the money for the first game to be developed which will be released on the itunes store in autumn 2014 and are now looking to raise funds for the remaining three games. So far the creators of Fun Farsi Games have worked on this idea as a labor of love.

All raised funds will go directly into building the apps and making them available. Any additional funds raised will be used to create new games. There are no overhead costs, so every penny of your donation will go into creating these apps for children.

The games include: Singing Game, Discovery Game, Memory Game, Writing Game. Click here to learn more about the games.

To make a tax-deductible donation in order to make Fun Farsi Games a reality, please click on the "Donate" button below..