Our Youth

The IAAB Summer Leadership Institute includes the much celebrated Camp AyandehCamp Javan, and the new program, IAAB Lend a HAND Junior Fellowship

The IAAB Summer Leadership Institute, through a positive and inclusive environment, allows Iranian American student leaders to develop leadership skills, foster strong friendships, and gain a deeper understanding of culture and identity as the youth of the Iranian diaspora community. The IAAB Summer Leadership Institute accomplishes this mission through Ayandeh, Javan and the University Fellows and their community building activities, cultural, historical and artistic workshops, and critical discussions.  Furthermore, the curricula of all the programs in the Summer Leadership Institute assists participants in responding to the issues they see affecting young people within the Iranian American community.

The IAAB Summer Leadership Institute will be held at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia July 9th to July 18th.

Interested middle school students (rising sixth through rising eighth grade) are eligible for Camp Ayandeh Javan, which will be held July 9th to 15th.

Interested high school students (rising ninth grade through rising college freshmen) are eligible for Camp Ayandeh, which will be held July 9th to 18th.

Iranian American student leaders leave the institute with a stronger sense of self and responsibility for others, lifelong friendships, and the necessary skills to lead both within and outside of the Iranian diaspora community. The Iranian diaspora community is diverse and vibrant, a characteristic that the IAAB Summer Leadership Institute represents, embraces, and celebrates.

As a non-political and non-religious camp, the IAAB Summer Leadership Institute is open to all races and all creeds.