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“I believe leadership is not something that can be taught, but earned. A leader does not choose to lead, but is chosen by others. A leader becomes a leader not for himself, but for others and it is that that defines a leader’s most important quality. A leader is selfless. A leader puts others in front of him; every action he makes is considering how others may be affected. For me to become a leader I wish to learn where everyone comes from, their backgrounds, their insights, and how they see themselves and society. In my hopes of becoming a leader I must first learn how to understand others in order to lead them better. I have felt that I have tried throughout my life to not do what is best for me, but for others, in order to set an example. I feel that the interests of others are more important to me than my own.”      ~Abe Pishevar, 2014

The Abe Pishevar Scholarship 

IAAB celebrates the life of Abe Pishevar, a beloved member and alumnus of Camp Ayandeh. In his honor, IAAB will provide a full scholarship each summer to a current member of the Camp Ayandeh community. 

The Abe Pishevar scholarship recognizes a current high school student with a demonstrated commitment to community service, leadership, and inclusivity. Abe embodied the qualities of a leader and role model at Camp Ayandeh. Abe was dedicated himself to service in his school and camp communities.  As such, scholarship recipients are expected to organize at least two community service projects in the 2019-2020 academic calendar.  Click here to read more about Abe and his legacy.

Applicants must have participated in at least one prior session of Camp Ayandeh (new applicants are not eligible). IAAB will cover the tuition costs of Camp Ayandeh for scholarship recipients. The scholarship does not cover travel costs; however, IAAB will support any recipients with their fundraising efforts. 

Applications are due by June 24th, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. 

Upon submitting the application, please send a list of your leadership activities and experiences to: abeslegacy@iranianalliances.org.

For more information about Camp Ayandeh, please visit our FAQ. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, you may email us at:  campayandeh@iranianalliances.org or campjavan@iranianalliances.org. Due to the high volume of emails we receive, we will only respond to inquiries not answered in the FAQ. Any new questions will be added to the FAQ so please check back regularly.