The only gathering of its kind, the summit is a weekend leadership program dedicated to training and equipping iranian-american university student leaders. 

University Students

IAAB provides an array of programs and opportunities to students. IAAB's Campus Action Network (I-CAN) is the largest network of Iranian student organizations in the world. I-CAN connects with students at more than 50 colleges and universities across North America. 

Student Summit

The Student Summit is open to all university students and serves as a space for student leaders to strengthen their skills and learn about pertinent issues through a weekend series of speakers, workshops, and discussions. Industry experts and professionals from various fields offer insight on issues relevant to Iranian Americans. Students hone their skills and become equipped to address issues on their campuses through workshops and simulations. 

As part of the Summit, student leaders connect their organizations to a national alliances of Iranian student organizations known as IAAB's Campus Action Network (I-CAN).


The Summit supports  a non-political and non-religious camp, Camp Ayandeh is open to all races and creeds.  Participants travel from across the United States and even internationally, though all activities are in English. Founded in 2006, Camp Ayandeh has grown to include nearly 1000 youth and young professionals from over 40 states, six countries and three continents.

Our campers are change-makers and inspiring leaders who are active members in their local communities. Young people leave IAAB's programs with the tools to advocate for themselves and their communities. Our alumni have gone on to work on the Hill or in the White House, receive prestigious fellowships, become groundbreaking scholars in their fields, run for political office, and pursue business ventures related to education, technology, and social change.

The details of Camp Ayandeh 2018 have not yet been released.  


IAAB’s Campus Action Network, known as I-CAN, is a national network of affiliated Iranian American student groups and representatives from university and high school campuses across the country. 

Through I-CAN's interactive virtual forum and annual meetings at IAAB's Student Summit, Iranian American student groups:

  • share resources and ideas
  • collaborate on various events and actions
  • receive leadership training through IAAB
  • participate in various IAAB-related programs

Hailed by industry experts as "highly innovative," the I-CAN website continues to promote social networking among Iranian American student groups and connect various student run organizations.

Initiated by student leaders from across the country in 2003, IAAB has worked extensively to engage and empower young Iranian-American leaders since its inception. Over the years, IAAB has worked closely with thousands of student leaders and groups in order to build a stronger network of students who actively work towards advancing the Iranian diaspora community in a critical manner.

IAAB’s mandate is that an organization working to empower students must not only lead, but be led by, committed student leaders.  Therefore, IAAB collaborates with students in the deepest sense of the word.

It is through this collaboration with student leaders that the IAAB Campus Action Network was born.  IAAB alumni from the Student Summit and Camp Ayandeh initiated and developed the idea of a national student network under the umbrella of IAAB that fosters student groups and leaders.  I-CAN is a product of IAAB’s spirit of an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative network of young Iranian-Americans.

For a full list of participating institutions, please click here.

Benefits for Participating Student Organizations

Your organization will have access to:

  • A local, regional, and national network of fellow Iranian-American students groups
  • Central space that houses resources on everything from how to run a successful student organization, fundraising, publicity, how to hold effective group meetings, recruitment and retention, how to organize an event, and a multitude of other materials
  • Building joint or simultaneous programs with other participating groups of I-CAN
  • Prospective students and incoming freshmen who can find your organization through I-CAN
  • Building mentoring programs with participating university and high school groups in order to help high school students with the college admissions process and other specific issues that students face
  • Outreach and publicity tools through I-CAN so that individuals and classmates are aware of your organization and programming
  • Regional and national collaboration on events and scheduling of events around Norouz to avoid overlapping
  • Lists of potential speakers available for events and programs
  • Requesting IAAB resources, such as those available through the Student Hub, as well as a more specialized center for participating I-CAN groups
  • Publicity through the IAAB website as an affiliated organization as well as advertising your group’s approved programming (see guidelines) through IAAB’s social media and website
  • Immediate knowledge of and discounted rates for opportunities available through IAAB for internships, staff/counselor positions for Camp Ayandeh, Student Summit and other programs
  • Special consideration for various scholarships and fellowships

Structure of I-CAN

Any Iranian student group on university or high school campuses can become an affiliate of IAAB Campus Action Network (I-CAN).  To become an affiliate, please email IAAB with your student group name, school name, and contact information to Once you are a part of I-CAN, your group will then receive introductory information from IAAB, a list of resources that are available to you, and information on how to use the online platform.

Throughout the academic year, I-CAN affiliated organizations and representatives will receive support from IAAB staff and a nationwide network of volunteers.


I-CAN is a network of affiliated student organizations and representatives. IAAB’s intention is not to shape the programming or direction of student groups, but to offer tools that will help strengthen each group’s capacity to build successful programs and initiatives. While all types of Iranian-American student groups and organizations may affiliate with I-CAN, IAAB specifically will not endorse any political and/or religious programming in any shape.  IAAB is a non-political, non-religious organization that serves the entire Iranian diaspora community, and therefore will not endorse any divisive programming.