IAAB addresses the most current issues facing the Iranian diaspora as identified by members of the diaspora. To that end, IAAB:

  • held the International Conferences on the Iranian diaspora, bringing together leaders, academics, and other stakeholders (2004-Present);
  • created Camp Ayandeh, the much celebrated summer leadership camp for high school students (2006-Present);
  • developed Camp Javan, a leadership camp for middle school students (2012-Present);
  • organized the Student Summit, a gathering of Iranian-American student leaders across U.S. university campuses (2008-Present);
  • built the IAAB Campus Action Network (I-CAN), a national network of Iranian student organizations and representatives (2010-Present); 
  • developed the Persian Language Educators' Symposium, a convening of Persian heritage language school directors and educators (2013-Present)
  • curated “Transform/Nation,” a collection of Iranian and Iranian diaspora art held simultaneously in Tehran, Iran and Washington, D.C. (2007);
  • worked in conjunction with the Iranian Studies Group (ISG) @ MIT in creating Project Connection (2004-2008), an online resource center for students in our community to access information about internships in Iran, and much more.
  • conducted Essay Contests, inspiring many beautifully reflective pieces from Iranian diaspora youth worldwide;
  • held Bam and Beyond Seminars on Bam-related relief efforts (New York: 2004 and Tehran: 2005) about the role of diaspora and international organizations in relief efforts in Iran in response to natural disasters.

The issues that IAAB recognizes and seeks to address are identified through our ongoing involvement in the community. The need for a program like Camp Ayandeh was identified through the first International Conference on the Diaspora, held in Boston, Massachusetts in 2004.  The conference, Camp Ayandeh, Student Summit, and other programs have all helped us identify and address the issues facing our community.

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