Iranians studying abroad face new hurdles when attempting to access financial institutions – simple acts like opening a bank account are becoming virtually impossible. American and European banks and companies also struggle with new policies as was evident with this summer’s Apple controversy. 

The growing Iranian brain drain to the United States combined with increased sanctions means a population of young Iranians were financially cut off in the last year. These students face employment and aid restrictions due to their immigration status. Iranian American university student groups can play a critical role in supporting and advocating on behalf of their Iranian classmates. I-CAN participating groups will:

  • Assist Iranian classmates facing harsh financial constraints through emotional support and advocacy
  • Raise awareness on this issue through panels, speakers, discussions and petitions
  • Contact school officials and urge student bank unions and campus banks to become accessible through direct action and student mobilization 

To learn more about the financial hurdles Iranian students face as a result of sanctions, please click here.

Please download a copy of the 'Iran Sanctions Economic Rights Toolkit.'

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