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Everyday resilient families and members of our community face increasing discrimination in schools, on subways, and at borders. We're training the next generation of leaders to positively shape their communities - and we're protecting them in the process by empowering them with self-confidence, knowledge, and lifelong connections.

By choosing to support IAAB today, you are investing in protecting our most vulnerable members and ensuring a better future for all of us. 

Thank you for protecting #OurAyandeh.

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Since IAAB's inception, we have trained 1000+ young leaders from 40+ states, 7 countries, and three continents.

We convened 100+ Iranian diaspora studies scholars.

We showcased 40+ artists.

We connected 50+ student organizations.

We supported 30+ Persian heritage language schools.

We brought together and led trainings for 30+ relief organizations that respond to natural disasters in Iran.

We stood against Travel Bans 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 - and succeeded in blocking Travel Ban 3.0.

We are IAAB in IAABvTrump.

We do not accept any government assistance, nor do we receive financial support from other nonprofit organizations. 

Our achievements are made possible by small donations, grants, and volunteers.

Join the IAAB movement. With your support, imagine what Our Ayandeh could be.